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Review of Dorothy Kilgallen

Who was Dorothy Kilgallen?

She was a celebrity, actress, author, mother, wife, and most of all, a dedicated journalist with fierce focus on crime, politics, and general injustices. Dorothy spent over 35 years writing about the likes of mob bosses, popular crooners, good-looking politicians, and A-List boos hounds. Several of her articles made the attention of the Pulitzer Prize community who nominated her.

Dorothy’s career kept her in the public eye, a place she craved, where she rubbed elbows with Hollywood elites and political figures. Her articles during the Sam Shepherd¬† trial led to his acquittal and exposes a judge’s pretrial bias. She made an enemy of Frank Sinatra and mob boss Sam Giancana, and frustrated both the F.B.I and the C.I.A for writing about the agencies ineffective investigations.

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