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Mysterious events occur worldwide. The definition of a mysterious event may differ between readers and researches; therefore, we are using the definition as any event with unknown purpose, motivation, origination, or conclusion. If we use this definition and include a little imagination we should arrive at many mysterious events.

Mystery Wiki already has a few great articles for mysterious events. One of my oldest and favorite unexplained events is the Wow! Signal. In 1977, Jerry R. Ehman examined printouts and found the reception of a signal from earlier that day. What the heck was it? And why have we never heard it again?

Other events are more mainstream, such as Phantom Time Theory, Flat Earth, or even Hollow Earth Theory. Writing about popular theories can be a daunting task. At times, it can feel like regurgitation of other researcher’s facts and not much value as a literary piece. One of this site’s core principles is to provide the Internet’s First Page for Mystery. To accomplish this feat, Mystery Wiki will include, even if only a summary, mainstream popular theories.

Mysterious events occurred decades ago. Even centuries earlier. At a time when an individual’s perception of what he or she saw was clouded by religious dogma, limited education, and certainly fear. The point being, early observations of mysterious events were characterized with much less science than today resulting in logically explained events being canonized as other-worldly, ghostly, and of course mysterious.

Our belief systems have adapted to incorporate more logical solutions to mysterious observations. And yet, we still offer solutions including little green men, bigfoot, and governmental coverups. We cover our heads at night hoping the Smiling Man will go away, and Indrid Cold has no plans for our soul.

We look forward to sharing much more than murder mystery and disappearances.

We have plans to write about many interesting mysteries in the coming weeks

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