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Murder of Nick Kunselman and Stephanie Hart-Grizzell

Two teens, high school sweethearts and Columbine High School Shooting survivors, Nick Kunselman and Stephanie Hart-Grizzell were murdered on Valentine's Day 1999, possibly just after midnight. The pair were found in a Subway sandwich shop where Nick worked and often closed the shop. After 1 AM that night, a female co-worker and fellow Columbine student drove past the Subway and saw lights on. She is the person who found the bodies and contacted police.

21 Year Old Cold Case Murder in Littleton, Colorado

Nick Kunselman

Born: March 15, 1984

Died: 14 Feb 2000 (aged 15) Littleton,  Colorado, USA

Stephanie Hart-Grizzell

Born: March 15, 1984

Died: 14 Feb 2000 (aged 15) Littleton,  Colorado, USA

Events of March 13, 1999

Stephanie and her mother spent the Sunday at home. Stephanie completing homework while Nick worked his part-time job at Subway. According to the elder Hart-Grizzell, Stephanie went to bed around 10 PM, but sneaked out of the house. According to friends, it was common for Stephanie to meet Nick at the Subway when he finished his shift and take him home. Often, the pair would stay at the Subway to hang out, or sometimes meet other friends to hang out elsewhere.

Former co-worker Nathan Grill and a group of friends visited Nick at work that night, leaving before Stephanie arrived. Grill stated Nick last served a customer around 9:55 PM wearing a red jacket.

At 12:45 PM, a female coworker drove past the store, noticed the lights still on, and stopped to check on the store. Inside, she finds the bodies of Nick and Stephanie. Some reports have indicated that the coworker witness someone exiting the store at this time and this is where the  person of interest sketch came from.


Investigation into the deaths of the two teens has produced few clues and fewer results. The main conclusion produced is the theory that the Subway was a center of drug sales and likely a money pick up/drop off point. Other than a police sketch, no real leads have been shared with the public. Even the interior cameras produced no results.

Person of Interest

DescriptionWhite male, 16 to 20 years old, 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-8 inches tall, weighing 150 to 170 pounds, clean shaven, with blondish hair. He was wearing blue jeans, tennis shoes, a black ball cap and a black coat with a red lining or a red shirt.

Why is this a Mystery

Stephanie Hart-Grizzell was a solid student and noted as a good kid. Nick Kunselman the same. Both enjoyed music, and the arts, not something considered fringe or unusual. On the night of her death, Stephanie sneaked out of her house, something I would consider random; therefore, not predictable in terms of premeditated murder. Nick’s location could be known before hand. So, premeditation could be a factor and Stephanie a concomitant victim. There of course could be facts unknown, such as the killer knowing Stephanie planned to pick up Nick. The mystery is why the two teens were murdered in what appears to be a random killing when none of the patterns of burglary exist. Rumors of a drug connection aside, there appear to be no real motive for the murders, and even a drug connection draws thin lines.


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