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Disappearance of Lakisha Shantella Taylor

Since June 13, 2008, Lakisha Taylor's whereabouts have remained unknown. She was last seen by her cousin on the morning of her disappearance. Police believe foul play is likely.

The Mysterious Disappearance of Lakisha S. Taylor

The Lake Charles, Louisiana police department received a missing person’s report for Lakisha in June of 2008. Besides an anonymous phone call in 2010, police have exhausted all leads in the disappearance. Also, in 2010, at the behest of the caller, police searched a nearby cemetery with the aid of forensic experts at LSU FACES. However, no evidence or Lakisha were found.

According to Lakisha’s cousin, Sandy Stevenson, Lakisha disappeared during the time the roommate was out picking up breakfast. No time-frame was given; however, the iron was left on with clothes laying on the bed after ironing, and water in the bathtub. Left behind were her purse, money, make-up, jewelry, and other personal items. Lakisha’s family state that she would not go without communicating with her three children and her disappearance is out of character for the 27 year old.

Charley Project File for Lakisha S. Taylor