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Mystery of the Phantom Time Theory

According to Heribert Illig, a German writer and historical revisionist, nearly 300 years of time was invented in order to strengthen the emperor’s claim to the throne. Proponents of Phantom Time Theory suggest that the reign of Charlemagne was a made up period, and that the evidence exists to prove we are living in the year 1720. Additionally, the theory suggests Islam’s beginnings were fabricated, including Muhammad, and the period of Viking expansion from about 600 AD (C.E.) never happened.

Metcalf sniper attack

Gunmen Attack Electric Substation– by Mystery Wiki On April 16, 2013, a sophisticated domestic terror assault was carried out on Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s

Mysterious Death of Hank Williams

Hank Williams Sr., born Hiram King Williams, died in Oak Hill, West Virginia on what has become known as the lonesome highway while in route to a New Year’s Day concert in Canton, Ohio. His death on January 1, 1953 has left many to speculate on the cause of death – officially heart failure as a result of long-term alcoholism and drug use; however, the suspicion arises from morphine injections by a hotel doctor and prescribed chloral hydrate pills issued by an unlicensed doctor.